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Saturday, September 30, 2006

BKMs on getting scar (keloid) away

Well, some of u might have wonder wat is BKM means. Its actually knowned to me when i join the multinational company which embrace developing so-called "Best Known Method" to improve process efficiency or able to give new ppl to follow certain guideline which had been developed by more experience ppl...... haha tat's all about BKM.

So i guess lots of ppl had this kind of skin problem called "keloid". I feel regret to know too little about it which i have it for almost 15years......(since 12 years old when kena BCG injection in school). It had been growing since 15 years back from 1cm to now almost 4cm long. Well it might be a small growth for 15years (just 3cm growth), but the amount of irritation & pain when it is subjected to contact. Don't try it.... trust me.... (its ore painful than u scratch a pimple on ur face accidentally!!) Unfortunately the "Lum" family has it except my mother, including all my 4 brothers & sister. (except David coz nowadays school never give BCG anymore at 12yrs old)

My experience:-
After having it for the painful 15yrs, i decided to seek specialist attention after the irritation become more obvious probably becoz its start growing again..... (its something like a volcano). Since its covered by my "good employer", i decided to seek medication. The Doctor (1 of the best in Penang) jab me 3 times for the 1st consultation. Wow.... tat's a lot for a first timer right?! Anyway, she explained to me its bcoz she needs to spread the medicine uniformly on the keloid.
Its good the nurse gave me icecubes to freeze my keloid bfore the jab was action!! I feel ok after the jab & drive home with my wife ( Leng is a strong supporter for me to get the jab since we know my father went for the jab..... she complaints tat i am a coward..... ceh :( )

After i reach home, the pain of the jab starts to emerge..... oh..... really hurts.... probably the cool freeze keloid starts to return to its normal state. I could hardly move my left hand or get into a afternoon sleep......! Anyway, after like 7-8hours the pain starts to decrease in frequency but still cannot move my hand actively (even my shoulder & neck got cramp & stiff for 1-2day).

Advise:- Try get the jab on Saturday so u have Sat & Sun to recover bfore back to work!!

Today it had been almost 1 week after the jab & i have also collected a silicon-gel called "scarfade" recomended by doc to help the keloid recovery. Well, over 1 week the keloid actually reduce in size for about 5-10% plus its not so reactive as before the jab. The keloid actually softens and contracted. I need to go for follow-up visit after a months time.

Patient feedback:-
As a summary, i rated this treatment (jab+ gel) to 80% satisfactory and thumbs-up!! (although its painful after the jab). I strongly recomend my brothers & sister to try this treatment as soon as possible if u feel ur keloid is irritating or reactive (only u urself knows the best). It will be easier to treat if the keloid is still soft & young and don't wait until its hard & stiff (fr. wat the Doc advise). The harder the keloid, the more jab needed to neutralize it.... so take action fast!!!

Pls refer to this silicon-gel product (quite expensive ~RM110 for 15gm) and get it cheap from govt hospital pharmacy.
The product link is:-
This link have lots of very useful info on how this keloid develop & got scientific tested info. Lucky i got this gel under "company expense"..... keke.... so lucky!!!

To all ppl who face this problem, its time for a change & make life less painful for us..... 15yrs of this is a time for change to me...... give urself a chance to heal!!!

FYI: 1st jab + consultation ~ RM120 (at Lam Wah Ee hospital Penang)
Silicon-gel ~ RM130

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Police force revamp!!

Finally we are seeing some +ve sign in one of the Govt services which suffers critics for the past years......

The rise of new IGP is pledging to put crimes in his 1st duty will certainly be a good start to revamp the poor imaged force of the country.

To me its like a restructuring & refresh to Y the force keep complaining about lack of forces. According to today's news, duplication of task had been identify & redeployment of them into the streets to serve the public better is definately a very impressive thought to have by the top IGP!! Kudos to it...... (we haven't been seeing this kinda of move for quite sometime....)

Just to add-on that i think the police force needs to do more patrol either in car or motorbike in streets rather than in the office waiting for the public to come to lodge a report!! To me i will advise the forces to use more motorbikes to tackle the snatch thieves & small crimes which motorbikes can provide them the ultimate mobility than car...... (wasting petrol especially....)

Deploying police everywhere in a random or rotational basis is a very good check on the security of various spot in the area, especially in the crime prone area...... i still dun believe in spending too much time in the office figuring the theory while crime rate is rising. Its a management issue where the police forces need to balance between tactical skills & practical crime prevention!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Students start practical with chop motorbikes

This will be the latest technical practical a student in politeknik can do...... its to "Chop Motorcycle" in the rented student house.......

Is this a joke? No, its real...... it happen in a politeknik in Alor Star. This is really study while earning $$$ & gaining technical skills....... haha......!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gua tempurung trip with colleague

Well, getting up early morning at 5.30am for this trip is not easy for most of us.....

It takes like almost 2hours from Penang & exit from the N/S expressway from Gopeng. Then take the way going to Kampar (left turn after toll) to go to Gua Tempurung. After that u will see a sign board on the right to lead u directly to the Gua.

As soon as we arrive there, some of them are very excited of getting out of our boring working cubicle........ some of them do funny stunt as possing in the air.

The air there were very fresh & enjoying..... therefore we decided to do some warm-up exercise before we go for the "Gua tracking" to avoid back pain after the trip..... hehe... everybody's bone are to stiff for this olidi.... (the one wearing green shirt with white cap is ME)

As soon as we get the ticket (need to pay entrance for ~RM22) for complete tour which includes the water-way path (prepare to get wet). Here are some pics on the stunt u need to face.... really adventures......!!!

Ladder climbing route to "Top of the World"

(Challenge: Low - just hard to breath coz bats shit!)

Downhill challenge without rope or strings!!

(Challenge: Medium - need to brake with ur leg...)

Get set..... go sliding down with ur butt!!

(Challenge: Hard - wear a thick short jeans to avoid burning ass....)

Most challenging adventure for this trip.......

Craw through with only head above water!!

(Challenge: Medium - here is where u get wet!!)

Kudos to my manager which is so sporting.....!!!

Well, the whole trip is really enjoying getting high above sea-level and down to underground water...... very refreshing and full of exercise.......

This is the exit gate is of course score of the day's goal!!!

After that everybody will be too tired to talk anything at all...... zzzzZZZZZ

Wonderful trip.......

Monday, June 19, 2006

Beware of "Gas-conman"

Just lastweek, i found myself nearly-cheated by a "gas-conman" (house-gas dispatcher). It was my 1st time this case happened in my life and i couldn't do anything better to avoid this "kind of ppl" (ppl who greed & dis-honest).

The gas-dispatcher "ABC" send me a gas after i call to ordered. ABC arrived and i open the door for him to change the gas as he was willing to do so. Then as soon as he removed my cap from the gas, he starts complaining my gas-cap (the cap which hooks to the gas) was so-called commonly known for leaking gas. Then ABC hook my cap to the new gas & suprisingly the gas leaks..... (it never happen before to my cap as i seldom change the gas & seldom cook aso probably for 1 yr).

When i try on it personally it really looks like my cap was faulty due to the loose grip of the cap to the gas tong inlet. So the ABC start promiting his so-called safest & guranteed cap which cost from RM50-RM100 per cap. Well, i thought i seldom use the gas & he sounds more like biasing to his own product. Although i know gas leakage is very dangerous but i still think that he is to much bias to his product. Well i make a quick decision of leaving it alone & i will buy myself after i do some price survey........ (coz RM50-RM100 for a merely a cap is too much i guess)

In the weekend i manage to goto a electrical shop & bought 1 for RM12 (cheapest but with SIRIM chop) and it was similar to my old 1. They have another 1 which is leak-proof which only cause RM40 aso. After i went back to replace the "new" cap i bought, i find that it is the same as my spoilt cap which is loosen and leak when i switch to "ON". Then I start reliase that something must be wrong on the other side..... which is the gas tong itself.

So i called-up ABC n he comeback complaining about my cheap-cap n the "bogus" sirim chop on my new cap. Finally i have no choice to ask him put on his so-called good cap to demo that my new-cap was really faulty. Here comes the interesting part...... When he took out an old cap from his bag (which he claims to be RM25 coz he knows i dun wan a RM50 cap), another hand put something on the inlet of the gas tong before he lock his cap to the inlet..... guess what, it works.....

So ABC asked me to returned the new-cap & buy his cap. I said i need to prove to take my $ from the electrical shop. Guess what, when i replace my new-cap back to the gas tong this time, it works fine...!!! From that point i am 100% sure that it has nothing to do with my cap and barely bcoz ABC purposely remove the rubber (supposely attached to the gas tong) and claims that my cap is faulty.

In the end, i argued to him that i can't buy his 2nd-cap which is RM25 while it proves that my cap is working fine. Then he start looking anxious and he need to charge RM15 for service charge. Well, to minimise my losses to ABC, i paid RM15 coz i know ABC is also a key-opener specialist (might brake-in to my house if he is bad enough).

To summarize, i think it will be good for ppl to learn & replace the gas tong in the house to avoid conned by this type of ppl. I also promise myself that i will spread the news around my working place to avoid the next to be conned....... I wish there as a more effective way to tackle this kind of ppl..... :(

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sugar War....

I think most ppl already very frustrated with the "Sugar Habis" issue for quite some weeks.... Had the goverment take some effective measures to investigate and stop the spread of the "virus" going from 2 state from now almost 5 state having reporting it. Lots of reason is given i.e. smuggling & manufacturer lowering output etc......

I thought it was mainly ppl spreading the so called "Gula Habis" rumours just to make the Govt lift the ceiling price of the sugar (control item). Suprisingly until last week i went Tesco (Penang) and found that there are really no sugar on the sugar rack??!! Imagine such a big hypermart without sugar??!! Therefore i start observing other ppl coming to the sugar corner to find sugar & consumer really need to look for "sugar pack" (those some pack for coffee & tea in hotel) are the onli source the consumer can get....... Its really a serious matter where i think the Govt is not paying attention to. Just put another analogy where u need to start opening 20-30 packs of coffee sugar to get ur herbal tea boiled..... haha..!!!

Therefore i think Govt should look into this seriously n start buckle-up & put mens & womens to the floor to investigate the culprits behind the "Sugar War" problem bringing to our consumer. We often louds to be a develop nation by 2020 but behind that we have a very fundamental problem of not getting the sugars to the ppl...... Let's take it as a wake-up call to the Govt. that "ENFORCEMENT" is the key to our success to a develop nation. If we can't solve the minor issue regarding our daily life, don't bare hope in the future.......

If there are smuggling, then stop it using enforcement officers. If sugar producer don't agree with the ceiling price then negotiate with the ministry.... consumer are crying for someone to keep the food industry going forward......

updates 6/14 : Today the MB of Terengganu needs to sell sugar in a lorry to ease sugar shortage...... kudos to this kind of MBs which is concern about the public issue!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

1st ultra-sound pictures underway....

As my wife "Leng" manage to get 1 day annual leave (working on Wesak day), i've ask her to go to the O&G doctor & settle some transaction with the bank (I need to work....ceh!). Suprisingly got a call from her when she suppose to meet me for lunch when she ended up on the Penang bridge to Butterworth..... hehe..... She had the wrong way n ended taking a round to Butterworth n visiting the Penang Bridge Toll n paid RM5.7 for the mistake (coz she seldom drive in Penang).....